In-House Laboratory

Manufacturing for over 25 years in Spanish Fork, UT with a relentless focus on quality and efficacy.

Capsule Formulations with Efficacy

What is In-House

We take pride in having a dedicated facility within our site where various analytical and quality control tests are conducted. This lab allows for comprehensive testing of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products to ensure they meet established standards and specifications. Having an in-house lab enables real-time monitoring, quality assurance, and the ability to promptly address any issues or deviations, ensuring the production of safe and effective supplements.

Years of Capsule Manufacturing Experience

Why is In-House
Testing Superior?

Working with a manufacturer with an in-house lab provides:

  • Faster testing and analysis.
  • Improved quality control.
  • Increased transparency ensuring prompt decision-making, rigorous product testing, and regulatory compliance.
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